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Leah Sufrin

Why birds?

I have always been interested in ornithology and the study of birds. If beauty is perfection and grace is a measure of skill, then a bird in flight epitomizes everything I know about aesthetics and art.

They are beautiful and nurturing, yet feisty. We all could learn a thing or two by putting a little more focus, kindness, and spirit into nature and the natural world.


I first learned I could draw at eight years old, when I sat in front of the television in the 90’s watching Sponge Bob Square Pants and doodled pictures of him on construction paper, binders, homework assignments, and even tests in school. Though I since dropped the cartoons, I discovered my passion for drawing. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I noticed my mother spent way too much time and money on the birds in the backyard. With birds always flying by the house, I became fond of the animals. I began to observe those birds through pictures and sketches and practiced painting them with watercolor; I never went back. I create watercolor illustrations of all species of birds and animals, and now specialize in custom pet portraits. My business is currently expanding beyond the limitations of paper- look out for this to come! Painting is just one of my favorite side activities. I am a full-time Clinical Psychologist and I am so happy I get to do what I love every day, from painting to treating patients. I love to think about how far I have come since my childhood doodles!



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