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Try all 5 Candle Scents!

Snowy Owl: vanilla

Cozy Nest: vanilla and oud

Ember Woods: amber and oud

Home Birdy: amber and magnolia

Mornin' Dove: amber and sandalwood


Each candle comes individually packaged so you can  keep your favorite and give some away as gifts (or keep them all)! All 5 candles pair well together, but I recommend you keep like-scents lit in a room at one time. In my opinion (though everyone has their own scent preferences, the following will pair best together:


Cozy Nest and Snowy Owl

Cozy Nest and Snowy Owl and Ember Woods

Home Birdy and Mornin Dove

Home Birdy and Mornin Dove and Ember Woods

Ember Woods and Cozy Nest

Ember Woods and Snowy Owl

Ember Woods and Home Birdy

Ember Woods and Mornin' Dove


Try all 5 Candle Scents

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